To be successful long-term the player

  • Players stuck in the VC attitude will have a great time in NBA 2K22 MT Coins the auction of pack and house items, however, they'll miss out on some of the finest equipment, which is available only through the exchange of tokens and MyTeam (MT) coins. These new currencies must be given a higher priority than VC.

    The temptation is to build teams that have an established character. It's a lot of fun to build your entire image around shooting threes. This fun quickly ends as your online enemies realize the problem and adjust their defensive priorities. It becomes difficult to score.

    To be successful long-term the player must be capable and willing to Buy NBA 2K22 MT adjust to the new circumstances. That means you must be able to execute everything successfully. Cards that are able to play, shoot from anywhere and defend outside and inside are highly valuable, even if their OVR isn't very high.