It's amazing how much is available in the world

  • I attempted a Dragonfire pot, but that didn’t work against breath weapons. Because I was able to pray against range, it seems like the pot has an effect on range. But it's not enough... If the money isn't a permanent one and there's no reason to OSRS gold spend 50k for each kill.

    It's been eight months since I played this game last. The system is completely different now. Some dodgey no scam trade (good). two new skills, however my friend has informed me about hunting... Also I have to declare that the grand exchange is amazing! I made 1756 pieces off 25 gold ore... I'm still at level 7. I'm not sure what it does but it's a fantastic new thing there. It is also important to know about pures and the reason why Pking is no longer in use. ).

    It's amazing how much is available in the world, even though I'm aware of buy RuneScape Mobile gold that it's there. The old pking is completely gone, but in place of it Jagex has introduced a brand new minigame known as Bounty Hunter. It's basically a huge arena in Wilderness. You are given a target when you enter.