I have had acquaintances who made me feel this way

  • Although I be with you on being "just another video game", we must not overlook that online multiplayer gaming, particularly RPGs, will always be stigmatized in OSRS gold real life.

    I have had acquaintances who made me feel this way. But, they were not perfect. I now have a girlfriend who i love and live with, and she is aware of the games I play, she even plays her f2p account occasionally. In my teen years, it was not acceptable for anyone to be aware that you played. I remember being intimidated by fellow students and my instructor when they played in my programming classes. However, now it is to be more accepted for some reason, i am not sure if it has to do with my growing older or the maturation of others. It's definitely not a game for 13-year-olds as it was five or six years ago.

    Abyssal Whip- Probably my most favourite weapon of buy RuneScape Mobile gold all time. It was, for a start, the best weapon in game until the year 2008 or it was. It was also among the best weapons until EoC. It was also the first weapon with an attack that was special. This was prior to the time that the special attack got nerfed. Special attack was when you reached your maximum or hit zero. When I was at level 77, I received my first special attack and was proud of it. Castle Wars was my favorite level.

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