Madden NFL 22 elevates Justin Tucker's rating to 99

  • Whether you're building one of these teams or Mut 22 coins any Theme Team in Madden 22 your primary goal should be on acquiring the Team Diamond.

    Right now, the top Theme Team you can make in MUT 22 is the current Super Bowl Champions, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just keep getting better.

    They've recently have added Record Breaker LTD Tom Brady to their roster, which instantly makes Tom Brady the second-best quarterback in MUT 22 after Team Diamonds Master Dan Marino.

    Madden NFL 22 elevates Justin Tucker's rating to 99. Ravens kicker after setting a new record with a field goal of 66 yards.

    Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens' kicker, reaffirmed his status as one of buy Madden 22 coins the best in the game as well as perhaps of all time, on Sunday after he hit a record-breaking 66-yard field goal. When the clock was about to run out, Tucker defeated the Detroit Lions 19-17 at Ford Field. Five-time All Pro now owns the distance record and is the most precise kicker of all time at 90.6 percent -- despite playing outdoors and in the AFC North's rough conditions.

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