Vanilla people didn't know much about anything, particularly

  • I really don't believe the majority of players decided to WOW Classic TBC Gold make a FACTION because of racial differences in vanilla. That was also not my experience at all remember back in the day. In fact, the Rank 1 player I played for a time was drawn to Tauren just because he thought they were cool.

    No one said entirely the truth, but it's definitely not an accident that the factions were formed and ended up in the manner they were...easily explained in the previous paragraph. I'm not going to pretend it's all people just wanting to play with their friends, that's hilarious.

    Although there was one dominant EU Horde guild The list of bosses who were first killed in vanilla indicates that there were 7 Horde to 40 alliance world first kills. It wasn't even close for me as someone who was part of a guild that was pushing for world firsts. Obviously...great players can still be successful on the horde side, however it was much more streamlined for alliances, particularly in the early days

    Vanilla people didn't know much about anything, particularly at the beginning. Do you really believe that the overall majority were just choosing their preference according to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold race? This is delusional.