The final battle takes place in a massive sphere

  • Contact Spirits of the Elid have to have at OSRS gold the very least begun dealing with Scarabas, the Tourist Trap. Recommendations: The Lament of Enakra. For starters, speak with the Menaphite Mason outside Menaphos. Menaphos is not Sophanem. Ask him about his work and he'll tell you to quit. If you ask him if he can offer high-labor and low-cost services, he will inform you that the Menaphites require people who can mine Sandstone and Granite. Visit the quarry to mine a complete inventory. It doesn't matter what type of Granite you get.

    The Sphere. The final battle takes place in a massive sphere. The sphere increases your defense, magic, hitpoints, and hitpoints dramatically. It also lets you to cast spells without runninges. Be wild.

    The Phantasm. Rules are different if you or your opponent enter the final battle after having won 9 battles within the Sphere. Both of you will be required to fight the 300 level Phantasm. However, runes can be used to boost your performance, however, they're not offered as a bonus. Some of the Phantasm's attacks are aimed at the floor, however running will not help you avoid attacks since they hit an area which is determined independently of your position. Use this information to your advantage.

    Rewards. There aren't any benefits, except for an increased chance to gain experience if you beat Phantasm in a wizard outfit, wizard hat, or the bottom. (See the top). If you do, these are magically enchanted. They'll each grant a an additional bonus of 4 magic points, as well as buy RS gold the following bonuses for defense: Stab 40, Slash 50, Crush 60, Range 10 and Magic 5 for the robe top; Stab 20 Slash 20 Crush 25, Range 4 and Magic 5 for the hat. Stab 30, Slash 40, Crush 50, Range 7, and Magic 5 to make the robe at the bottom. There's more!