You Could Know Rubber Extruder Machine

  • Extrusion of rubber extruder machine is a simple compressive metal forming process. In this process, piston or plunger is used to apply compressive force at work piece. These process can be summarized as follow.

    First billet or ingot for the rubber extruder machine (metal work piece of standard size) is produced.

    This billet is heated in hot extrusion or remains at room temperature and placed into a extrusion press (Extrusion press is like a piston cylinder device in which metal is placed in cylinder and pushed by a piston. The upper portion of cylinder is fitted with die).

    Now a compressive force is applied to this part by a plunger fitted into the press which pushes the billet towards die.

    The die is small opening of required cross section. This high compressive force allow the work metal to flow through die and convert into desire shape.

    Now the extruded part remove from press and is heat treated for better mechanical properties.

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