Know Detail Functions of Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

    1. PLC, touch screen control, manual and automatic control can be realized; automatic mold clamping, automatic exhaust, automatic pressure compensation, automatic temperature control, vulcanization timing, alarm and automatic mold opening can be realized; the touch screen displays and controls the hot plate in time The temperature of each heating zone.
      2. The hydraulic cylinder of rubber vulcanizing machine is made of QT500-7 material, and the plunger is made of dense chilled alloy cast iron, which is finely ground after casting; the hydraulic cylinder is sealed with a Y-shaped sealing ring.
      3. The edge of the hot plate adopts hydraulic automatic top iron, under the action of multiple cylinders, the shim on both sides of the hot plate advances and retreats at the same time; the two ends of the hot plate are equipped with anti- shim overlap device.
      4. Each heating zone of the hot plate is equipped with a set of temperature-adjusting valve groups. Under the control of PLC, the temperature of each heating zone of the hot plate is uniform and consistent.
      5. Hydraulic system: Using hydraulic stations of well-known brands at home and abroad, under the control of PLC, it can realize many automatic functions such as automatic, mold clamping, exhaust, and mold opening.
      6. ​​Mechanical synchronization or hydraulic synchronization balance mechanism: There is a synchronization shaft that penetrates the unit under the platform, and both ends of the shaft are equipped with racks and pinions, or a hydraulic cylinder balance device is used to ensure the horizontal lifting of the platform.
      7. Mold clamping guide device: There are mold clamping guide devices on both sides of the lower pad. The frame plate and the platform are equipped with a guide seat. The guide seat is processed with a slope, and the distance of the slope can be adjusted by the top wire.
      8. Mould opening assist mechanism: When opening the mold, the multiple sets of forced mold opening cylinders located under the platform will pull down and open the mold to force the platform down to prevent the sticking pot from opening the mold.

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