Where To Find All Dungeons In New World

  • Where To Find All Dungeons In New World

    Expeditions are five-player instanced dungeons that will take players to the darkest corners of Aeternum in New World. There, your party will face dire threats, learn more about the source of Corruption, expose the Angry Earth's ulterior motives, reveal the deeper menace behind the Lost, and delve into the secrets of the ancient Guardians.

    There are six expeditions in New World, and each expedition will tell its own story and be a unique experience. Apart from the new world coins and XP, the expedition has loot and gear unique to that experience to incentivize exploring and conquering the various expeditions spread throughout Aeternum. By the end of this guide, you will learn all of the dungeons, or expeditions, in New World and where to find them.

    1. The Amrine Excavation

    The Amrine Excavation is the first expedition in the New World, and it can be unlocked by progressing through the Main Story and reaching the Destiny Unearthed quest. This quest will give you access to your first expedition. It is recommended to be at least a level 25 before venturing into this mysterious, corrupted dungeon. The Amrine Excavation in New World is located in Windsward, north of the settlement and west of Noblereach.

    2. The Starstone Barrows

    The Starstone Barrows can be unlocked once you have reached level 33 and completed the Researcher's Request quest. After this, William Heron will provide you with a new quest chain, including the Starstone of Shattering quest leading you to the Starstone Barrows. Make sure to start the expedition once you have reached level 35, which is the recommended level for this dungeon. The Starstone Barrows in New World is located in Everfall, southeast of the Everfall settlement and north of the Amrine Excavation location.

    3. The Depths

    The Depths expedition calls for you to thwart the plans of Commander Thorpe. The expedition has a recommended level of 45. The Depths expedition in New World is located in the north of settlement in Restless Shore, south of the Shiresad Beach, and north of the Verdant Ascent.

    4. The Dynasty Shipyard

    The Dynasty Shipyard expedition is based on the premise that the Empress of Ebonscale is building a fleet of warships. The fleet and the Empress must be defeated for the safety of Aeternum and the world. The Dynasty Shipyard in New World is located in the southern region of Ebonscale Reach, southwest of Serenity Rise and west of the Stormcourt Fields.

    5. The Lazarus Instrumentality

    The Lazarus Instrumentality expedition has an in-game recommended level of 60, making it an endgame activity designed for players who have reached Level 60. This expedition has chances of dropping Legendary rarity weapons with a Gear Score of 580+. The Lazarus Instrumentality expedition is located to the north of the Reekwater settlement in Reekwater.

    6. The Garden of Genesis

    The Garden of Genesis expedition is also an endgame activity, which means the required level for this expedition is a maximum of 60. The Garden of Genesis is located in the Edengrove, southeast of Mountainrise and west of Last Stand.

    These dungeons get more difficult as you progress in the game. Also, to enter an expedition, at least one player in the party has to have a Tuning Orb. Tuning Orbs can be crafted with stonemasonry skills or acquired from quests.

    Be it for quest completion, the shiny loot or the challenge; players eventually will have to encounter them. For more New World guides, please browse here!