Fastest Players in Madden 22

  • Madden is a game of speed by nature. Speed is one of the most important attributes to obtain when building your roster in Madden 22. EA has finally released their ratings for Madden 22. Here are the fastest NFL players in Madden 22.

    1. KC WR Tyreek Hill – 99 Speed
    2. LV WR Henry Ruggs III – 98 Speed
    3. CLE WR Anthony Schwartz – 97 Speed
    4. MIA WR Jaylen Waddle – 97 Speed
    5. BAL WR Marquise Brown – 97 Speed
    6. KC WR Mecole Hardman – 97 Speed
    7. SF HB Raheem Mostert – 97 Speed
    8. BAL QB Lamar Jackson – 96 Speed
    9. CHI WR Marquise Goodwin – 96 Speed
    10. NYG WR John Ross III – 96 Speed

    As you can see, wide receivers dominated the speed category. The group includes eight wide receivers, one halfback and a quarterback. There are also two cornerbacks and another wide receiver in the honorable mention category.

    Tyreek Hill has topped the list of the fastest players in Madden 22 once again. He has been awarded 99 speed and 99 acceleration. Throw in the fact that he is a 98 overall and you get one of the biggest threats the game has to offer.

    After Hill, there’s just one player who has a speed rating of 98: Las Vegas Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III. And then there are five players who share a rating of 97.

    The other standout on this list is Lamar Jackson. As a defender, you have to hate the fact that a player with 96 speed and 96 acceleration will be touching the ball on every play. It’s worth investing in a linebacker with elite speed to have a shot to contain Jackson in Madden 22.

    One interesting note about the fastest players in Madden 22 is the fresh faces on the list. Two rookies have made a list, Jaylen Waddle and Anthony Schwartz. Most football fans are well aware of Waddle’s explosiveness. Schwartz, however, has flown under the radar for non-SEC fans. He enters the game as a 67 overall, but with 97 speed and 94 acceleration. He could be placed in the slot immediately and become a Pro Bowler in year one with enough volume.

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