NBA 2K21: Neighborhood Changes

  • The Neighborhood game mode in the NBA 2K series may not be the most played, but it has plenty of potentials. Rumors have gone both ways on whether the Neighborhood game mode will be included in NBA 2K21, and whether it would get a new look or stay relatively the same.

    2K Sports has been sending tips to the fans about the direction of the world-famous basketball video game. "The next generation is different." "2K21 is changing the rules of the game." As many things are hidden and hidden, the most interesting editing information is related to the popular neighborhood mode. "You think we forgot our neighbor? It has now been deleted."

    The Neighbourhood is a playground of sorts in NBA 2K. You can play bespoke multiplayer game mode, ride around on bikes, play dodgeball, and more.

    Note: Before you can access the Neighborhood in NBA 2K, you need to complete the Prelude. Once the Prelude is complete, and you’ve signed with an NBA team, you can run around the Neighborhood and take part in various activities.


    This is where you start. You can watch the game on a flat-screen or shoot hoops. You can change some bits here, as the court can be customized, including ball colors, backboards, and murals. The more levels you gain, the more activities you can unlock in there. Overall, this is the best place to hang out with friends in the game.

    NBA Store

    In the NBA Store, you can buy different items to swag out your player's look. You can spend VC on jerseys, hats, watches, and many other on-court items to make your player look more different and Special products are changed weekly.

    Doc’s Barber Shop

    Doc’s Barber Shop is close to the NBA store. At Doc’s, you can choose from a wide selection of haircuts to suit your style. As you level up, you will unlock the ability to dye your hair whatever color you like, so come back to Doc’s if that interests you.

    The Paint

    At the tattoo parlor, you can get various tattoos for your MyPLAYER using VC. As you level, more areas of your body become available to the symbol.


    Wheels could not miss from the NBA 2K Neighborhood guide. It is all about transportation – again, more levels imply more options. Unlike other stores, this one also considers the Rep Level.

    Swag’s Main Street Clothing

    If the NBA Store is not exciting enough for you, Swag’s is your next best option. Located just down the street from Alley-Oops, You have more stuff to purchase and it is not necessarily NBA related. In Swag’s you can buy a wide range of items including new shirts, pants, hats, and more. As you level up your MyPLAYER, you can even unlock things like jewelry and eyewear for purchase.

    MyTeam Building

    The MyTeam Building will take you to the MyTeam mode. There are no differences between accessing it here and accessing it through the main menu. It is only a shortcut.

    2K Shoes

    At the end of the street, you will find 2K Shoes. 2K Shoes, as the name suggests, deals mainly in shoes. You will mostly find shoes here – both for your games and streetwear. Some top brands to see in there include Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, and Converse, among many others.

    If NBA 2K21 doesn’t include the Neighborhood, we do hope for some other way to take advantage of next-gen capabilities with excellent open-world experience. NBA 2k21 focuses on fast load times, great graphics, and more, but the changes to The Neighborhood will be perhaps the most critical updates to the new basketball game, as it is one of the most popular modes/features.

    The most significant possible change in mode is size. The "neighborhood" may become a "city" and can traverse a larger area. Many fans want this model to be expanded. In the current state, the game area in online mode is tiny. This mode may become a mode that can be explored.

    In order to keep pace with the larger online sports arena, the return of the Park Alliance will be a welcome move. The new neighbor can also provide more and better custom settings. If players can even own their own apartment, they can customize the look and feel of the interior and exterior, which is a neat thing.  If you want to experience these features in the new version fully, it is recommended that you buy 2K21 MT Coins.

    Finally, no matter what the new neighbor is, it needs to compete with many when it comes to places that already exist. However, if the model becomes a city, if the scale and function are expanded, and if the park's affiliation is restored, it may be a more significant and more popular function.