Location of Madden 21 The Yard, how to unlock it, etc.

  • Madden 21 is finally here. Many footballs, tackles, deep passes, Madden 21 Coins, etc., many gamers want to try a new arcade-style game mode The Yard in Madden. The Yard is an interesting addition to Madden, it allows you to play NFL Street style games. Although it's not as crazy as NFL Street, you can do some things in The Yard, such as multiple passes, catch the ball to any position and play on both sides of the ball.

    When you open The Yard for the first time, you will immediately notice two locations: Lambeau Tailgate and F.O.B.. Nico has four positions in total. Hidden locations are the Port of Miami and the Brandenburg Music Festival. Madden 21 had four positions in The Yard when it was launched. Although EA Sports promises to provide more locations in the future. Let's enter each position in The Yard:

    Rambo Tailgate
    The Lambeau tailgate is very simple. This location is outside Lambeau. In this position, you will play against the best players in the Packers. Your team members will be your prototype players, as well as the NFL stars of the Packers opponents.

    F.O.B. Nico
    F.O.B. Nico represents the forward base of operations. According to the classification of EA Sports. In essence, the location represents a military base, and people in the armed forces can spare some time to play football. There are two simple events in this place, in which you can basically learn how to attack or defend.

    Port of Miami
    The Port of Miami will not provide you with a location from the start. This is the first of two unlockable positions. The biggest difference here is the rule change. You can't put some drives together to attack, you will only leave 1st and Goal situations. If you can't reach touchdowns in four games, you'd better perform well on defense.

    How to unlock the Port of Miami in the courtyard of Madden 21
    EA Sports has not released any information that clearly states how to unlock the Port of Miami. Operational theory believes that you need to complete the activities in Lambeau Tailgate and F.O.B. Nico will provide you with the minimum score required for each activity, and you only need to break the threshold. This is very simple, because the event rules make it almost impossible to exceed the required minimum score. After completing this operation, the Port of Miami should be unlocked.

    Brandenburg Music Festival
    This location is located in Berlin, Germany, with the Brandenburg Gate. This is one of the toughest venues because it has the best players. These events put you against the top six NFC teams, the top six AFC teams and the six best NFL players. There is also a major rule change, that is, you cannot pass the passer within 3 seconds, which is very different from the 1-second pass and pass rules in other positions.

    How to unlock the Brandenburg Music Festival in the courtyard of Madden 21
    EA Sports has not yet released any content explaining how to unlock the Brandenburg Festival. However, Reddit users claim that you need to score in Squad Up Defense, which is available in F.O.B. It is difficult for Nico to do this, because each attempt at the event will only give you a defensive motivation, and no matter which game mode you use, it is difficult to score defensively.

    As we mentioned before, "Madden 21" had only four positions in The Yard when it was released. However, EA Sports plans to release more locations in the future, and Buy MUT Coins will wish you to unlock more players.