NBA 2K21: Cheer for this year's greatest 2K debate

  • The latest NBA 2K21 demo version was released on Monday, and the first major point of contention soon emerged. There is no doubt that shot put has caused a lot of controversy. Even so, the demand for Buy NBA 2K21 MT has only increased, and the game is still one of the hottest sports games at the moment.

    For those who don’t know, 2K adds a layer to shooting with a stick. Players can use the correct analog stick to make jump shots. This has been in 2K for many years, but in NBA 2K21, shot put users have other issues to consider. The button shooter is just trying to grasp the right timing, while the shot putter must grasp the target. When you shoot with the stick, you actually use the right stick to control the shooting instrument. The timing is always perfect, but it is not until the end of the specific shot animation that the instrument can be aligned with the sweet part of the instrument.

    In short, shooting with a stick is more challenging, which in itself is beneficial to some people. In addition, there is another possible benefit. Deleting the timing component can eliminate or greatly reduce the loss of many online game players due to delay. This could have a significant impact on online leagues, which is the result of the NBA 2K league due to the pandemic. Shot puts can also create significant skill gaps and encourage users who use button shooting to learn new wrinkles.

    There are many such tweets, and several people say that they have accepted the challenge or have mastered the skill of shooting with a joystick. But remember, if you don’t like shooting sticks, 2K doesn’t deprive you of the ability to use buttons to shoot. This is a good thing.

    Eventually, people will adapt after complaining. The real question is whether 2K will respond to complaints or maintain perfect gameplay changes due to the community's unacceptable voices for challenges. 2K21 MT will also become one of the game currencies that players need to own.