NBA 2K21: What is the latest acceptable version?

  • 2K will release major annual sports championships on current and next-generation consoles within a few months. NBA 2K21 will come out in the first week of September, and will also be a larger and better version on the next generation of consoles. Now if you invest in Cheap 2K21 MT is the best time. When NBA 2K21 is released, neither the 2020 NBA Draft nor the free agent market will happen. In fact, the 2019-20 NBA season can't even do it. For all these reasons, anyone who expects to work as hard as we usually see from the annual 2K release may be disappointed. All logic points to 2K, keeping all or most of its ammunition on the next generation version. What is the acceptable current version for 2K?

    Visual effects
    As we can see from the game trailer released last month, these graphics are almost identical. Although this may be a problem for some people, I am satisfied with the stagnation. There are two reasons: First, I believe we have seen this generation of consoles have reached their graphical limits. Secondly, when 2K hopes to benefit from the next generation version, it is foolish to think that 2K hopes to invest in product improvements visually, and the next generation version is hyped due to its amazing appearance. From a visual point of view, 2K and all other annual sports video game producers hope that the gap between the current and the next generation is very obvious.

    The movie soundtrack is cool, but honestly, it's hard for me to see the real long-term value of investing too much in this part of the game. I'm sure some people will agree, and some people may disagree. That is to say, we have already seen the in-game soundtrack, and depending on your personal preferences, you will feel elated, disappointed or not caring about the songs contained in it. You can do some very cool things to make the already good comments in the game better.

    Features and gameplay
    This is where 2K really comes into play. The next generation can amaze us and enrich the current model. Just delete the story from this year's game and allow people to use this mode to hone their characters, and MyCareer will become more attractive.

    These will make the game better than NBA 2K20, Buy NBA 2K21 MT can achieve most of the goals of the game, for those 2K players.