NBA 2K21 score prediction

  • NBA 2K21 is enthusiastically sought after by everyone. As a universal currency, Cheap 2K21 MT exists in the 2k series of game consoles. The hype surrounding NBA 2K21 is being established. With this in mind, it's time to make some ratings predictions for upcoming games.

    The Los Angeles Lakers are the team of choice for many players in NBA 2K20. In 2K21, this is no different. LeBron and AD will remain in the 2021 Lakers team. If we tell the truth, this is what really needs to play NBA 2K! Deep strength is not the Lakers' strong point. They don't have enough talents, but this kind of pairing can tear any side of the NBA on any given night!

    LeBron James – 97 OVR
    In the early days of NBA 2K20, his grade was 97. We can imagine that he will be in or near NBA 2K21. He is no longer his 2K poster boy in the past few years, but that is not to say that his popularity has not yet reached the rankings! He has held various positions on the Lakers this season, including a peculiar performance among point guards. But we believe that he will still be one of the best power forwards!

    Anthony Davis – 96 OVR
    Anthony Davis, when he switched from New Orleans to Los Angeles before the 2020 campaign, the 6-foot-10 center caught the attention of the NBA world. What is certain is that his performance has lived up to expectations.

    Kyle Kuzma – 80 OVR
    The Lakers may have a star combination of LBJ and AD, but the deep strength of both sides makes many people skeptical of their prospects for the championship. Kuzma didn't kick as many people as he expected. His average scoring dropped sharply this season, averaging only 12.8 points per game. He started the NBA 2K20 game with an OVR of 84. He is currently sitting on an OVR of 76. We can imagine that he will not exceed 80 when NBA 2K21 appears.

    JaVale McGee – 80 OVR
    JaVale McGee is another player whose average level has fallen in the current campaign. The 7'0" center is still a good rotation for the Lakers. When AD chose to play the PF role instead of his usual center, McGee has been steadily rising. He did not make major recommendations for upgrading, but 80 OVR seems to be very good. reasonable.

    Danny Green – 77 OVR
    Another player whose scoring has dropped slightly this season is veteran shooting guard Danny Green. The 33-year-old is looking for a back-to-back NBA championship title in the defense of the Lakers guard Toronto Raptors, but he has averaged only 8.1 points per game so far this season. We can't see his rating rise from when he started in 2K20, it may actually have dropped, but we kept him at 77 again in 2K21.

    Alex Caruso – 75 OVR
    He has become a meme in the NBA world, but Alex Caruso has been invaluable to the Lakers this season. He kept his 2K21 at 77. His average is not the level of previous years, but his performance in the Lakers is much higher than in his career so far, and with the arrival of the championship, his status in the team is as important as anyone. He will not be the best player in 2K21, but 75 OVR seems fair to fans.

    If you are still considering which player to include in your team, I hope this article will help you. Buy NBA 2K21 MT can effectively help you get the ideal player.

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