NBA 2K21 MyTeam must have a feature, otherwise this year is not

  • NBA 2K's MyTeam mode may have the greatest potential of all the features in the game, and this mode comes from people who live and die with MyLeague and MyGM. As the currency of the 2k series, Cheap NBA 2K20 MT also plays an irreplaceable positive role in it.

    Unfortunately, by February of each year, MyTeam becomes a mess, and even through my MyTeam fantasy filter glasses, it is difficult for me to take it seriously. I know this is a fantasy mode, microtransactions are very important, but at some point, fans and 2K must know when to leave the table. Fans must realize that they need to have enough cards to compete, and 2K has to say to themselves that we may not need to release the 999th Galaxy Opal, despite the fact that this will obviously lead to a surge in virtual package purchases.

    I am generally not against microtransactions, but if you don’t put your hand over the top of the proverbial coffee cup., MyTeam will make things a little out of control. When it was launched, MyTeam had an excellent competitive balance. Without too many powerful cards, users must find low-level players who can play a practical role. One of the most interesting things in MyTeam is the discovery that jade, sapphire, ruby ​​or amethyst contains more gems than gems. Unfortunately, just around the usual "All-Star break", many strategies have been eliminated. MyTeam becomes a competition to see who can snatch all the top cards.

    After playing for a year, I worked hard to learn MyTeam. The structure has a salary cap mode. In addition to unlimited, there will be a choice for users who are looking for a collector mode that does not currently exist.

    To be honest, the recent MyTeam trip did not satisfy me. If NBA 2K21 MyTeam enhances the experience of the game. It is necessary to set the salary cap function. Under the careful salary cap mode, you probably shouldn't carry more than two Galaxy Opal cards with you, and you don't have to fill the rest of the lineup with Rubys or lower NBA 2K21 MT.