Is the NBA 2K21 prelude coming soon?

  • The release date of NBA 2K21 has been set, and now gamers want to know if the new Prelude demo will be released on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC. NBA 2K21 is scheduled to be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in September, and the next-generation version will be released later. Currently NBA 2K20 MT is still only used in the current version. Because it is common for some games to be delayed during the new crown virus pandemic, this is good news for gamers. With this news, fans are wondering whether NBA 2K21 Prelude will be released soon. There are not many official announcements about the new demos to be released this year. And it will not provide NBA 2K21 preludes to players on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Recent reports seem to indicate that 2K will release a new demo of NBA 2K21 in the next few days, meaning that the new NBA demo will be downloaded and played sometime in August. The NBA 2K20 demo was released on August 21, 2019, and provided fans with part of the gameplay. We can learn from last year’s release time as a reference. If this year is the same as last year, then the NBA 2K21 demo may start on August 21, 2020. The 2019 demo version also includes the release of the game’s official companion app, which allows fans to scan their faces to ensure their true appearance is reflected in NBA 2K20 MyPLAYER. The release date of NBA 2K21 is September 4, 2020. It is suitable for the current generation of game consoles and is now available for pre-order. This game will also become the release game for PS5 and Xbox Series X during this holiday period. 2K Games also announced that the Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe, who died tragically earlier this year, will become the cover star of "Mamba Forever". The Mamba Forever Edition will celebrate the achievements of Kobe's brilliant career. 2K Games stated that the suggested retail price of NBA 2K21 is £59.99 for the current generation of consoles, and £64.99 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever version is priced at £84.99 for the current and next-generation platforms. 2K Games added that Mamba Forever Edition includes dual access rights on current or next-generation platforms. Therefore, you can get a copy of the standard version of another generation of games (in the same console series) for free. It is expected that in the next few weeks, GAMEMS will release news about the 2k series of universal currency NBA 2K21 MT, before the official release of NBA 2K21.