In OSRS the bandits are only dazed for three seconds

  • After you've obtained an edge in blackjack, you'll learn to OSRS gold make use of it. As previously mentioned, blackjacking involves knocking out your intended target to steal his money (twice) and then repeating the method to build up knowledge. To put it in simple terms, you have to right click your enemy for knocking him out, then right click again to pickpocket after he's unconscious.

    Since in OSRS the bandits are only dazed for three seconds, it is essential to pickpocket them as fast as possible. Failure to take them two times in the same time, could result in you being found guilty. This means a 5 second stun and damage to your body. From time to time bandits will also want to take revenge on you, which will result in a message from their side "im going to murder you for that" and , eventually, they will attack you. It is possible to avoid this by taking the right actions.

    When a bandit uses the words that are mentioned above, all you need to do is try another knockout. Because the time between messages and attacks is very short another knockout has to be done right after the message. If you can manage to knock your opponent unconscious it is recommended to use pickpockets at least twice in the shortest time possible. Repeat this process until you've got your opponent's experience.

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