Andre was informed that he would be kicked out of the clan

  • Andre was informed that OSRS GP he would be kicked out of the clan. Andre made a goodbye thread.

    Extra notes: Andre discovered on the basis of find evidence that gaia (and cheese) wanted to write his final fourm. This is something I'm sure many other people too desired. Ranger Jay resigned due to the clan not being active and not due to Andre. Gta has lied and then made changes to the clan to ensure Andre could be kept out.

    Gta also claimed that he was hacked even though he doesn’t. I told him about 42, 62, and what I feel that he is. Gta has taken my clan position and my friends. He has used deceit and scandals to get rid andre and is tricking my clan. Below is some evidence. I'm sorry to say that the clan has been accepting scammers and account traders in. However, I would like to express my gratitude to gta for granting me ri of Ranger Jay.

    Now i posted that and he banned me from his fourms and then i tried to connect to my laptop to try to connect and was banned from that to sumhow so his deliberately made it so that no one can view fourms and also stated that it was his fourm which he created with his best friends and you're not in it but he jsut made a remake of avenging souls because the other clan died and now i need assistance in getting my friend back, and make my rs life happy again ive been playign for 4 years and this has never happend.

    Otto is currently teaching me the barbarian technique. I was wondering whether it was worthwhile to keep all the roe and caviar for dropping. But I have never seen it sold. Do I want to keep it for my potions? I have several potions I could mix into mixtures however I am unable to see any differences (from the KB). Other than the fact you get minimal XP when making each mix, and that it can heal small quantities of HP.

    My view is - it'd be a lot of effort for next to no reward however I was wondering if there's any big advantage that I'm missing before I decide either way? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm having trouble using the no-harpoon method for fishing. There are tonnes of "use rod" spots. Is there something I can do?

    Otto was already able to buy OSRS gold help me with this. Is there a different place I could go to look for sharks' swords or tuna?