Path of Exile Patch 3.14 What changes

  • Even people who spent hundreds of hours in the ultimatum claimed that they were not invited to fight Trialmaster once because RNG was too bad. I cannot confirm these claims. But I cannot help confirm these claims. Boss battles are more or less standard: multiple actions can easily kill people who have not searched on Google before. And a set of mechanisms that are completely unfair to players and almost invisible, Path of Exile has become one of the most difficult game trends in modern times.

    This patch also changes the balance and design of the previous alliance mechanism. Most of them are related to decline. It's not how it works. These are classified as the same, and since the game is so bloated at this time, I can't say how much I feel or care about certain changes.

    The Immortal Syndicate changes the way hidden objects work. This is awesome. The hidden module is now better than the unlocked module of the crafting station. So adding hidden modules suitable for pre-release modules is very worthwhile. The way the syndicate board works has also changed. But I often misunderstand. It is easily the slowest mechanism in the game. And this part has not changed in this patch.

    It is now easier to enter the laboratory. First, anyone can get a random trial of Uber Labs by putting the POE Currency on the map device. This prevents the wrong RNG continent from appearing when logging in to Uber Labs with an account. In addition, you can now choose the final enchantment from a few choices, giving you a better chance to obtain extraordinary special skills and equipment. Unfortunately, running a laboratory is one of the worst things on the path of exile.

    The harvest, although far from useless, is no longer exciting. It is good to have free and targeted chaos craps, but the number of crafts harvested is very small, and it is very rare to encounter advanced seed crafts. In addition, it is better to trade these crafts to people by POE Currency Buy and participate in a system that is very suitable for scams. Of course, performance and accessibility are still at the lowest level in history. Texture flow can sometimes feel bad, and GGG has not taken specific steps to reduce clicks and wrist movement to improve health.