NBA 2K21: MyTeam's 3 best shooting guards

  • The NBA 2K21 MT mode of NBA 2K21 is one of the main attractions of player titles. Below are the best shooting guards selected for them.

    Once the 2020 NBA playoffs end in the playoff bubble in Orlando, Florida, NBA 2K21 will become the main source of entertainment for basketball fans. In this case, it is best to understand which mode is interesting and learn some skills.

    MyTeam is very popular in NBA 2K, and it allows players to build custom dream teams with current and future players. For those who like to score, it makes sense to know the current pattern of the ten best shooting guards.

    The moment LeBron James was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers, in many ways, it felt like an organizational reset. Most people have forgotten the great players who wore crimson and gold medals in the past few years. Austin Carr may not be the name you know, but the college player of the year in 1971 did enough for the Cavaliers. For contribution, they retired his #34 jersey. This 93 card may be a bit generous, but Carr is worth remembering.

    League fans are familiar with the late Kobe Bryant and players like Magic Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal, who are involved in the legend of the Lakers. Gail Goodrich may not have done his job, but the 6'1" guard from UCLA is very good on its own. Players want to find a combo shooter with good ball handling ability and then get This 93-card championship.

    So far, Michael Jordan is the only player with two cards, and this number may change with changes this year. Many NBA fans believe that Jordan is the greatest player of all time, so it can be expected that players who buy 2K21 MT will have the opportunity to get a card with the legend of the Chicago Bulls and a higher total score. His 94 total cards are impressive when it comes to the ratings, but ridiculously, it is not even the highest Jordan card on the list.