Path of Exile: Heist arrived this Friday (18)

  • Heist is the next major expansion of the path of exile. The content will be released on PC and Mac on September 18, and on PS4 and Xbox One on September 23.

    In Heist, players must hire a group of thieves to help them infiltrate guarded facilities and collect valuable artifacts and POE Currency. The scam requires a cautious and teamwork strategy, because any carelessness will sound an alarm, and there will be immediate guards at this location.

    Picking up a workpiece will always trigger an alarm. To ensure success, the player will have to run to the evacuation point, and if they cannot escape, they will lose everything they managed to steal.

    Successful completion of the dangerous heist will pave the way for a larger goal: the coup. You will need to collect resources and information, which will allow you to visit various facilities in the active phase of the factory.

    Popular songs allow you to get rewards, such as: alternative quality gems to ensure more types of buildings; weapons and breastplate enchantments that can bring more power to users; copies of unique items to try to recreate classic and legendary items ; And thief accessories, allowing you to better control the type of rewards you will get for scams or defeating enemies in the future.

    Path of Exile: Heist is a free game that can also provide players with a free "win money" experience. There are 13 new NPCs in the game with narrative bows and arrows, which can be evolved and equipped with new modifiable items. In addition, an unprecedented area was added called Porto Dos Renegados. It is different from the previous version. This update adds a lot of new item types, including alternative quality gems, unique item replicas, thief's decorations, experimental base types, weapon enchantments and chest ornaments. In terms of skills, seven new skills and adjustments of steel skills, curses and spells have been added. There are more than 25 new unique items, these new content players can get through Buy POE Orbs.

    This update of Path of Exile is long-awaited by many players, let us look forward to the September 18 update!