Multi Drawer Slide Factory legged walking car

  • when electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are popular in China, alternative fuels are also seeking development. A year ago, the State Council in its "energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development plan" issued by the State Council said: "we should develop alternative fuel vehicles according to local conditions, actively carry out the research and development and application of vehicle alternative fuel manufacturing technology, and encourage the development of alternative fuel vehicles in regions rich in natural gas (including liquefied natural gas) and bio fuel. Explore the application ways of alternative Drawer Slide Factory fuel vehicle technology, and promote the diversified development of vehicle energy. " Now the Sliding Drawer Box "plan" has been issued for one year. Due to the limitation of resource distribution, the promotion of alternative fuel vehicles such as methanol and ethanol in China, in addition to natural gas, still has strong regional characteristics, and the development of alternative fuels presents the trend of "multi legged walking". At present, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are widely used alternative fuel technologies in China. At the end of last year, the "natural gas utilization policy" issued by the national development and Reform Commission was officially implemented. This reflects the country's firm determination to vigorously develop natural gas vehicles. In the field of commercial vehicles, due to its obvious advantages in safety, environmental protection, vehicle lightweight and vehicle driving mileage, Side Mount Soft Close Drawer Slides liquliquliquliquefied days... Read full text > and