What partition stone mosaic for sale is used between toilet bow

  • the space division of the toilet is quite meticulous and intimate. There is a wall between the toilet and the bathroom as a partition. The surface of the wall is paved with fine white rectangular stone mosaic for sale tiles, staggered distribution. The divided functional area can avoid the flow of odor and keep the indoor air fresh. The light colored log furniture is made into high-quality lockers, which are inlaid on the wall, connected with square mirrors, and installed with closed hidden lockers inside. Ingenious detail design makes space resources more effective use. The floor of the room is covered with grey tiles with white seam sealants. The interior is a closed shower room with glass partition. the washroom of the room and the toilet of the internal shower room are separated to form a separate adjacent stone mosaic china functional area. The detailed division of the room helps to keep the interior air dry and fresh. The outside of the room is a simple laundry room and a washroom. The walls and floors of the room are paved with gray ceramic tiles with fine patterns, forming a strong visual impact and maintaining the consistent overall style and design. The place near the wall of the room is gray ladder type distribution of gray quartz stone, one side is installed with red brown wood storage cabinet, the other side is a large multi-functional washing Clothing machine, red brown wooden mirror on the other side is the same material storage cabinet, door pocket and door are the same red brown wood material. the room design of large frame is mainly based on the simple design, which is superior in texture, extraordinary in design and self-contained in styleAs a whole. The floor is covered with dark gray tiles. The boundary of the functional area is covered foshan mosaic tile factory with white border patterns. On the wall, there are positive light gray ceramic tile materials with patterns. In the middle is a long strip of marble console of the same material. Two white square porcelain wash basins stand side by side. The middle of the two mirrors is a square wall lamp surrounded by a black iron frame. The white flowers stand tall and graceful, and are placed in the black surface of oily porcelain. Two protruding walls are used as simple partitions between the internal toilet and the external bathroom.