What color countertop stainless steel mosaic tile

  • The cabinet is now indispensable furniture in the kitchen, the color of the cabinet has a lot of, but the white cabinet is very popular with everyone. The white cabinet can create a white stainless steel mosaic tile kitchen space, giving people a kind of aesthetic and dreamlike visual feeling. Next, we will all you need introduce what color the white cabinet matches with and how to maintain the white cabinet, so as to make it bigger Talk about it. 1、 White cabinet with what color countertop the kitchen decorated with white is too dim, but the pure and noble charm of white cabinet is irresistible. In fact, as long as some colors are skillfully used in white space, it will make white cabinets rich and harmonious. White cabinet is especially suitable for small units, extending the space left blank, expanding the visual space. 1. White cabinet with purple countertop the cabinet with white baking board with purple table top sounds incredible, but the overall effect is not bad. Dark purple countertop with a little lighter purple wall echo, white anti slip mosaic tile with purple collocation, a bright and bright, echoing a brilliant spring kitchen. 2. White cabinet link with black marble countertop White cabinet with black marble countertop and floor, simple black and white matching, plus some color kitchen utensils and green plants, the classic also reveals the flavor of fashion. White cabinet matches log color mesa, let small kitchen look spacious and bright. With a black mosaic background wall and green potted plants, this light kitchen adds a highlight. 3. White cabinets with green walls white cabinets with green MarseillesGram wall, the whole kitchen space fusion of these two elements, not only enhance the overall kitchen texture, fresh and elegant color also makes people unconsciously more leisurely, more organized. The background wall made of small tiles can not only add a touch of natural flavor that can reduce pressure, but also effectively cool down visually. Green tiles, deep and light matching paint, white timely added, wood color embellishment In the light of natural light, a sense of freshness arises spontaneously. 2、 The maintenance method of white cabinet 1. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time; 2. Do not put the boiling water cup directly on the paint surface, try to use tea cushion to isolate the hot utensils; 3. If there is water or drink sprinkled on the surface, you should immediately use cotton cloth to dry; 4. Wipe the dust with mild detergent and soft cloth, and then wipe the residual detergent with water After that, dry it with a dry cloth; 5. Do not use alcohol, gasoline and other solvents to wipe the stains, so as to avoid damaging the color and luster of the paint film. 6. If it turns yellow for a long time, you can gently wipe it with a spinning cotton cloth dipped in toothpaste, and then wipe the toothpaste residue with a clean wet cloth, and then dry it with a dry cloth, and the paint surface can be restored as new. 7 Can painting. First use gypsum powder to make up the wound, and then spray it with the same color after drying. The above is all the knowledge about what color the white cabinet matches with and the maintenance method of white cabinet. If you only use white to decorate the kitchen, it will be monotonous. So when designing, you must make good use of other colors to decorate the kitchen, which is very importantimportant.