Xiamen white packaging box company wine packaging gift box

  • therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in cushioning and protective packaging for product transportation, so white packaging box company as to ensure that each product can be delivered to customers in good condition. So what kind of cushioning packaging materials are needed for product transportation protection packaging? Hanging tight packaging, bubble film, inflatable bag, air bag, air column bag, foam packaging, poly dragon, pearl cotton, which of these materials is better used. Today, we recommend suspended fastening packaging. As a dynamic packaging product, hanging fastening packaging adopts high strength, high elasticity and non sliding film to locate your product, so as to prevent product damage due to impact and vibration. Good factory direct packaging can effectively reduce damage and protect products in harsh transportation environment, reduce the use of express cartons, reduce the operation difficulty of operators, speed up the delivery rate, improve the printed cardboard packaging consumer experience and enhance the brand image. The correct packaging strategy can greatly save the operation cost of the supply chain, especially for the products with large volume. Suspension fastening package series packaging scheme is a kind of "0" filling, direct delivery retail packaging from the original factory. It meets the ista6 e-commerce supply chain test standard, and has passed the resy certification of German recycling system. It can be recycled and has superior visual display effect. It can be customized and designed according to brand requirements. Xiamen wine packaging, gift box when you mention too much packaging, you will think of the packaging of the added particulate foam plastic -- thatIt's a hell of feeling. The more common over packaging is the large number of small boxes, too many gas pillows and full body protection suit wholesale their "floating" of small items in super large vessels. 77% of consumers feel that packaging reflects the natural environment values of the famous brands they choose. Consumers recognize them when they see consumption. This kind of consumption gives consumers a view of retailers, and this kind of harm is not only limited to the sustainable level. When the received items are put into several extra boxes, consumers will feel that the store is not efficient. The main right stipulates: 1. A floating packing box for webcam, including a top cover (1), a lower cover (2), a first side plate (3), a second side plate (4), a third side plate (5) and a fourth side plate (6). The characteristics of the box depend on that the top cover (1) and the lower cover (2) are respectively expanded and expanded from the top and bottom of the first side plate (3), and the second side plate (4), the third side plate (5) or the fourth side plate (4) The upper and lower parts of the side plate (6) are respectively widened and stretched to produce an upper inner folding cover (7) and a lower inner folding cover (8); the upper inner folding cover (7) can stretch to produce an upper transverse plate and an upper support column (71) located Contact Us on the side surface of the upper transverse plate, wherein the upper support column (71) bends upward along the upper transverse plate and is supported at the lower edge of the top cover (1). An upper precise positioning hole (72) compatible with the upper end of the webcam is arranged in the middle of the upper cross plate The lower inner folding cover (8) expands to produce a lower transverse plate and a lower supporting column (81) located on the side of the lower transverse plate, in which the lower supporting column (81) is bent downward along the lower transverse plateA lower precise positioning hole (82) compatible with the lower edge of the webcam is arranged in the middle of the lower cross plate.