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  • with the development of UV flat-panel printer, it has been widely used, but there are still many people who do not know what UV flat-panel printer can print. UV flat printer can print various patterns and relief effects directly on ceramic tiles. The typical application of ceramic tile background wall is made with this machine. UV flat-panel printer is an omnipotent printer. As long as it is flat material, shop here whether it is soft or hard, as long as the computer is connected and debugged well, it is possible to print the relief effect, 3D effect or ordinary effect that you want. Operation method of UV flat-panel printer : it is not allowed to dismantle, move and drag the machine at will. If there is a fault, please remember to contact the technical personnel of the manufacturer in time and operate with their assistance. Second: UV flat-panel printer on the machine's environmental temperature and humidity requirements, novice in the process of operation if there is smoke, smell, abnormal sound, do not panic, should immediately cut off the power supply, to prevent a greater accident. Third: print media and ribbon cartridge should be configured before printing, in order to prevent UV printer from damaging the nozzle uv flatbed printing machine factory during operation. As the core part of the machine, the nozzle should be paid special attention to. Fourth: UV flat-panel printer ink mode should pay attention to, there are two ways of ink supply, one is independent ink cartridge, the other is continuous ink supplySystem, this will change the ink according to the specific situation. Fifth: UV printer height adjustment, UV printer can detect the height of objects through infrared, but in the process of operation, the product must be placed well, flat, so that the printing effect is better. Sixth: digital tshirt printing machine UV flat-panel printer on top of some irrelevant debris, long-term do not use remember to pull out the power, to carry out the corresponding maintenance. UV flat-panel printer can print a lot of products. All flat products can be printed without material restrictions. At the same desktop UV flatbed printing machine time, cylinder products can also be printed, T-shirt leather can be printed. High drop products within 20 mm can also be printed.