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  • rockery has a variety of landscaping functions, such as forming the main landscape or terrain skeleton of the garden, dividing and organizing garden space, arranging courtyard, revetment, slope protection and soil retaining, and setting up natural flower beds. It can also be combined with garden buildings, garden roads, sites and garden plants to form a variety of scenery, so as to reduce the artificial atmosphere, increase the natural interest, and make the landscape architecture merge into the landscape environment. Therefore, rockery becomes one of the visit here characteristics of Chinese natural landscape garden. Creation principle. the fundamental principle of rockery Art. The natural landscape is the artistic source and basis of rockery creation. Although the mountain is good, it is rare to visit it often. The rockery is arranged near the residence. As a work of art, it is more general and refined than the real mountain. It can embody people's thoughts and feelings, and make it charming. Artificial rockery and strive to show no traces of artificial, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. Rockery, which comes down in the same line as the traditional Chinese landscape painting, is of great importance to be true and not true. The main principles of rockery are as follows: the main principles of rockery are as follows: the main pool ladder suppliers principles of rockery are as follows: the main principles of rockery are as follows: choosing and combining the environment to determine the. From the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain is called high; from the front to the back of the mountain, it is far-reaching; from near the mountain and looking far away, the mountain is called Pingyuan. "); Yicun Heshan. According to the natural texturing patterns of water veins and rocks, the fragmentary rock materials are stacked into a kind of rockery with a sense of integrity and a certain type, so that it has "potential" in the distant view, and "quality" and contrast in the near view, including size, straightness, retraction and release, brightness and obscurity, ups and downs, virtual reality, silence and noise, secluded and open, thick and thin, backward, site dangerous, etc. In terms of engineering structure, the main technology is to have a stable and durable foundation, layer by layer, stone biting each other, and equal balance, so as to achieve the effect of "its shape can be frightening, and it is absolutely safe".