Xuzhou supply swimming pool water treatment equipment

  • Swimming pool buried type integrated water treatment equipment, its advanced technology and humanized design will provide you with a set of perfect water treatment scheme, so that you can feel the infinite beauty and endless power brought by the crystal clear water in life. Product features: 1. Perfect integrity: the buried integrated water treatment equipment fountain light suppliersis composed of circulating water pump, filter, 6-position It is composed of multi-directional valve, hydraulic automatic dosing, ozone disinfection (optional) and automatic time control system. It integrates five functions of filtration, circulation, disinfection, bottom suction and water surface cleaning to provide customers with all-round service. 2. High efficiency: the filtration technology adopts high-quality filtering equipment, and the filtration accuracy of 0 .05 ~ 0.2mm can be selected according to different water quality requirements Reliability: using the same brand equipment developed automatically to provide customers with convenient one-stop service and reliable quality assurance. 4. Excellent applicability: the body is made of one-time forming FRP material, which is strong and durable, resistant to corrosion and severe digital water curtain suppliers cold. It can be applied to various indoor and outdoor harsh environments. 5. Convenient and simple super control: remote automatic control is adopted to ensure no movement It is much more convenient than other paper core filtration equipment. 6. Arbitrary circulation mode: various circulation modes such as forward flow, counter current and mixed flow can be adopted. Water supply and return outlet can be arranged according to site conditions and design requirements, music fountain manufacturers and can be applied to various shapes Perfect after-sales service: professional salesAfter service system and one-stop equipment supply to provide you with thoughtful lifelong maintenance, to avoid your worries. Advantages: strong, corrosion resistant, and suitable for various outdoor climatic conditions, temperature resistance - 40 ℃ - 75 ℃. Xuzhou supplies swimming pool water treatment equipment, swimming pool sand tank filter and swimming pool water disinfection treatment