top-mount valve sand filter Nantong water park

  • Jiangsu Nantong water park rental waterfall swing rental factory direct selling low price water park project seasonality is strong, can only be used in summer, so before the summer comes, during this period, the water park equipment has been "scrambled" by friends in need, resulting in a situation of short supply. Water park is a popular project in summer, and top-mount valve sand filter short-term leasing can reduce costs and investment, so it is good news for the event planning industry. According to the market verification, the more popular water park equipment includes 52 meters of dragon head slide, 22 meters diameter dragon Shark wholesale pool filters Water Park, multi specification circular and square inflatable pool, 10 * 40 * 1.32 meters bracket pool, various types of water slide and other facilities, which can be freely matched and combined according to the size of the site. Crossing the water: 1000 square meters Castle length 50 meters wide 20 meters high 1.5 meters bracket swimming! 600 flat swimming pool, 1.2 meters high, 30 meters long and 20 wide! "Waterfall swing" combines traditional and modern technology, breaking through the limitations of the 2000 year old traditional swing, bringing people a sense of freshness, excitement and interest, which is a new way of entertainment. The waterfall swing constructs an intelligent waterfall on the top of the swing through the water circulation system, data measurement and acquisition system, data transmission system, digital visit site control system, etc. the control system collects and calculates the swing speed and angle by sensors, predicts the swing's behavior, and then accurately controls the switch of the spray pipe, so that the swing can pass the waterfall smoothly without getting wet. The dreamlike waterfall swing not only gives the body, heart and touch Trinity surprise feeling, but also can purify the environment (generate a lot of negative oxygen ions, adjust humidity and purify the air).