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  • original title: filter device of water changing aquarium tank of cardanli swimming pool There is no specific information Endless Swimming Pool about the configuration of your aquarium and the situation of fish culture. You can't make an assertion about it. You can only tell you the advantages and disadvantages of several filters and their adaptability, and you can make the final decision by yourself. [top filter (upper filter)] the filter tank is installed on the top of the aquarium, and the water in the tank is pumped out by an underwater submersible pump, and then the filtered water flows back into the tank after being filtered. This kind of filter tank is swimming pool wave machine easy to clean and maintain, which is very popular for fish culture enthusiasts. The disadvantage is that the filtering area is small. If it is used with aeration equipment and the filter material is selected reasonably, it can meet the needs of family fish culture. [bottom filter (bottom filter)] before the installation of the aquarium, the wavy filter plate is placed at the bottom of the water tank, and the bottom sand is laid on the top of the filter plate as the filter material. The air pipe is connected and the air pump is used to send air to promote the circulation of water. The filtration is completed by the beneficial bacteria in the bottom sand. The most important feature of this device isThe water flow is obvious and the filtering area is wide. It is suitable for temporary water tanks with large fish culture swimming pool wave machine density (such as the water tanks in aquarium shops). The disadvantage is that dirt is easy to accumulate between the filter plate and the bottom of the water tank, and the filter plate and bottom sand need to be removed and cleaned regularly. Therefore, it is not suitable for aquatic grass planting in the aquarium. Usually, the expert fish farmers are feeding and managing the extensive Siluriformes, Cypriniformes and killiformes For hairtail.