Integrated wall mounted membrane filtration equipment

  • the materials of the integrated wall mounted membrane filtration equipment for dasler swimming pool are all selected first-class raw materials, which are injection molded in one time. They are small in appearance, exquisite in technology and personalized in design. It is a dual speed pump design integrating filtration, escalator and underwater lighting. There are two different filtration systems to choose from. Pool water treatment equipment wall mounted swimming pool all-in-one machine can be used in outdoor swimming pool and villa swimming pool with special requirements, whether you are a private swimming swimming pool sand filter suppliers pool, garden landscape, swimming pool appearance or swimming pool decorative surface. Integrated wall mounted membrane filtration equipment application scope: outdoor swimming pool, villa swimming pool with special requirements for landscape, pool appearance or decorative surface of swimming pool Performance features: Fast installation, simple operation, reliable and economic; No pipe and no room, which avoids the common pipe leakage problem in swimming pool; Interface water inflow technology ensures that floating objects on the surface are filtered; The cabinet is made of corrosion-resistant materials, which is durable; The equipment is easy to maintain and has no noise. It can be turned on and off automatically. Ordinary personnel can operate after simple training without professional and technical personnel. Built in high brightness energy-saving underwater lamp; Low operation cost; With escalator function, the swimming pool can be free of escalators; The filtration purity is as high as 6-15 microns; Easy to maintain, special filter bag cleaning method, only need to use the water spray faucet to wash directly. Before leaving the factory, the integrated wall mounted membrane filtration equipment has been strictly tested in three processes: leakage test, performance test and electrical safety test. It has swimming pool accessories suppliers intelligent controller, with overheat, over-current and leakage safety protection, and can control the operation of equipment regularly. This is a product with powerful function, better effect and less investment.