Shaanxi industrial electric and manual sliding door manufacture

  • Shaanxi industrial electric and manual sliding door manufacturers sell steel industrial sliding door sliding door factory gate electric industrial sliding door Sliding doors are widely used in industrial plants, logistics warehouses, hangars, courtyards and other places, with the characteristics of light push-pull, wind pressure resistance, durability, economic benefits and so on, especially suitable for the northwest wind and sand areas. Sliding door can be divided into upper bearing type, lower bearing type and side sliding type. According to the opening form of the door leaf, it can be divided into one-way push-pull, two-way push-pull and overlap push-pull. The gate is mainly composed of guide rail, walking wheel, door opening machine, door leaf, cover box, transmission producer of aluminum frame window handles and control system. The door leaf is made of color steel and stainless steel sandwich plate, filled with rigid polyurethane or polystyrene in the middle; the door leaf can also be double-sided cold-rolled plate, filled with fireproof rock wool in the middle; the door leaf stile can be made of aluminum profile, plastic spraying profile and stainless steel profile. As the gate of courtyard or factory yard, the door body can be made of iron, stainless steel, iron baking paint and other materials, which can be China sliding door lock manufacturers designed and customized according to the site conditions.