Pengzhou double deck light steel villa enterprise steel structu

  • the use of natural environmental protection materials in the building can make the thermal conductivity of the house small and the heat insulation performance good, thus reducing the energy expenditure of cooling in summer and heating in winter. Longdingtian light steel villa can be manufactured in factory, so as to reduce the quality risk of "wet operation" of traditional structure site and save the follow-up maintenance cost; after reaching the service life, it can be recycled and reused, greatly reducing the generation of construction waste, and making an important contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection. What are the maintenance methods of light steel villa? At present, with more and more light steel villas becoming the elected housing for many people. But after living in, I found that how to maintain the light steel villa has become a difficult problem. Next, the small series for you to carry on the detailed introduction light steel villa characteristic as well as the light steel villa later stage maintenance knowledge. The roof truss of light steel villa is composed of various light steel components. Generally, there are triangle roof truss and T-shaped roof truss, which can easily and flexibly realize various complex roof modeling. Generally, the roof adopts colorful asphalt tile, which has excellent waterproof function and highlights the beauty and quality. The light steel energy-saving and earthquake proof building system of light steel houses, the light steel structure framework and the internal and external maintenance plates are connected by galvanized self tapping screws, forming a very solid "plate rib structure system". This structure system has better earthquake resistance and horizontal load building construction materials resistance, so that the residents can rest in front of the unpredictable earthquake and natural disasters. Pengzhou double deck light steel villa enterprise, steel structure house longitudinal load-bearing arrangement, frame structure, longitudinal load-bearing squareIn the case, the floor load is transferred from the longitudinal beam to the column, the beam height is generally small, the indoor clear height is large, and it is convenient for the relationship to pass along the longitudinal direction. In addition, if the local foundation is not uniform along the longitudinal direction of the house, the longitudinal frame can adjust the non-uniformity to a certain extent. The disadvantage of the longitudinal frame bearing scheme is that the lateral anti lateral stiffness of the building is small, so this kind of structural composite artificial stone arrangement is rarely used in engineering. The two-way load-bearing scheme of frame structure with two-way load-bearing arrangement has a frame in both vertical and horizontal directions, so its integrity and mechanical performance are very good. It is especially suitable for buildings with high requirements for structural integrity and large floor load.