How to choose washbasin table for artificial stone factory

  • DuPont Corian artificial stone factory shares the daily maintenance of artificial stone: 1. Remove most dirt and dirt clean with soapy water or ammonia containing detergent (such as: cleaning agent for stone balls). 2. Remove the scale remove the dirt with a wet cloth and dry it with a dry cloth. 3. Remove knife marks, burns and scratches (method 1) if the surface of the table needs matte, polish it with 400 or 600 mesh sandpaper until the knife mark disappears, and then use a clean 100 clean cloth to restore it to its original state. 4. Remove knife marks, burns and scratches (method 2) if the surface is mirror surface, first use 800-1200 mesh sandpaper to polish, and then use 1500 mesh sandpaper-The 2000 rpm low speed polishing machine is polished with polishing wax and quartz stone for kitchen wool polishing ring, and then cleaned with clean cotton cloth. 5. Table renovation due to different reasons, there are more scratches on the table, or the long service time (1-2 years) affects the aesthetic feeling. The professional technician first uses the grinder to grind, then uses the polishing machine to carry on the polishing. The function of artificial stone table is: light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, oil resistance, dirt resistance, corrosion resistance. Plate thickness uniformity, gloss, transparent effect, no deformation, fire and aging, no radiation, anti penetration, etc., can be bent according to customer requirements, seamless combination, truly achieve the natural realm. At present, the materials used in the market include artificial stone table, fireproof board, stainless terrazzo stone flooring steel table, granite table, etc., which have the basic properties of anti fouling, anti scald and anti scratch, but in terms of comprehensive performance indicators, it is most suitable for modern kitchen or artificial stone table.