Photographer must have dramatic single light shadow door

  •  a typical fashion portrait work shot with this kind of light effect. The shadow of the model is clear. At the same time, the background and the ground present a light band, which creates the visual sense that there is light outside the screen projecting from a half open door to the model. Therefore, we can humorously call this kind of light effect "door crack light". 1. Lamp selection: it is recommended to select nice fototb series studio flash with output power of more than 400W. 2. Number of lamps: nicefototb-600c x 1 3. Lamp output index: please adjust nicefototb-600c to 6.0 through index adjustment button. outdoor lighting manufacturers 4. Background selection: light background paper or light non reflective wall can be used. 5, accessories selection: A. hard light is more conducive to the formation of a clear shadow, so we choose the standard mask, because the standard mask is a direct light source, without any soft surface is only to control the scope of light; B. "door seam" effect through two bubbles reflective plate. The distance between 6 and flash and foam board: because the farther away the object is from the light source, the clearer the shadow edge is, the closer the distance is, the more blurred the shadow edge is, so the more we want to get a clear sense of "door gap", the farther the distance between the flash lamp and the foam board will be, and at the same time, according to the inverse square law, we also need theatre lighting companiesthe corresponding enhanced flash output. Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Course compilation: Chengdu Laite visual photography training institute