Bts 500 explosion proof shaking fan manufacturer 500 explosion

  • bts-500 explosion-proof shaking floor type electric fan 0.37kw, air volume 6600m3 / h, fan blade diameter 500mm, voltage 220V / 380V, installation method divided into wall type and floor type. Bts-500 explosion-proof shaker fan website manufacturer 500 explosion-proof wall fan I. application scope of bts-500 explosion-proof shaker fan: zone 1.1, zone 2 dangerous places , class IIB, temperature group T1-T4 explosive gas environment. 2、 Bts-500 explosion-proof shaking floor type electric fan features: ◆ shaking head fan is composed of explosion-proof motor, fan blade, explosion-proof control switch, shaking head mechanism and other parts; ◆ it has novel structure, stable operation, convenient use and beautiful appearance; ◆ the fan blade is cast by aluminum alloy, with high-voltage electrostatic spray on the surface; ◆ shaking head mechanism of independent micromotor system, Reduce the load of main motor and mechanical transmission noise; ◆ add cooling fan at the rear end of main click, force air cooling, effectively reduce the temperature rise of main colorfullight motor; ◆ flameproof explosion-proof control box, respectively control the start and stop of fan and shaking mechanism; ◆ horizontal shaking angle 45, vertical angle 20, 0, 20 three positions adjustable; ◆ cable wiring. 3、 Main technical parameters of bts-500 explosion-proof shaking floor type electric fan: blade diameter mm: 500 input power W: 370 rated voltage V: AC220 air volume M3/ min:110 Explosion proof sign: Exd II BT4 dipa20ta, T4 protection grade: IP54 for the price of 0.37kw bts-500 explosion-proof shaking floor type electric fan, please call for consultation! BTS explosion-proof head fan model meaning and technical parameters