The Rocket League Prices only quality of life change

  • Psyonix also released details about the Competitive Season 8 Rewards last week- exclusive rocket boosts in each rank's colors, along with the traditional Season 8 Grand Champion player titles. You've only got a few days left to grind out the wins you need at each rank, so get playing!

    More DLC, both paid and premium, are coming to Rocket League with the Season 9 update. Rocket League and Hot Wheels are a match made in heaven, so should be no surprise they're creating more content. Three brand new cars, all based on existing Hot Wheels models, will enter the arena next week.

    A brand new free Hot Wheels themed arena will be released alongside the cars as well. You can have a look at the sneak peek video down below, or wait until September 24th for the full release. I imagine it will just be integrated to the existing arena rotation since it looks to be a standard arena shape.

    The Rocket League Prices only quality of life change we've been clued in on is the shortening of the post-match XP screen. Since the progression update was released, players have been complaining about how long it takes to advance through the post-match XP screens- almost 30 seconds if you unlock a new Rocket Pass level. Psyonix has been very transparent about their intentions to shorten this screen, and they're planning on adding a "Skip" button as well.All in all, the new season is looking great already. I'm looking forward to the ridiculous highlights we'll get from high-level Dropshot and Hoops, and I can't wait to see what Grand Champion Rumble will look like.