There are other great things to many summer after Rocket League

  • In January 14, 2019, the studio announced that the game's version of the PlayStation 4 now supports cross-platform multiplayer matchmaking. However, the player still can not cross-platform party with other friends platforms.The rocket League players will publish a list of the party system in early February. It supports PC, the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo users switch.

    Cross-platform support rocket League this summer coming to a different platform and Xbox, Nintendo and PC players to switch parties, and while they play together.

    Bipartisan function inside the Xbox, a weekly series of all-new episode of Xbox announcement in the discussion yesterday. Scott Rudy, director rocket League game, talking about all the programs, Psyonix planned played in the game during the summer months. Mention the new Jurassic Car Pack, and how it is now after the conclusion of the annual event, Rudy discuss any plans beyond the recent events.

    "There are other great things to many summer after Rocket League Credits" Rudy said. "You can switch to a PC or Nintendo, and use our new rocket ID system, also known as cross-platform all friends got together. We are transforming how to enhance the level, making it more valuable, and we also launched a called rocket pass, giving you more ways to earn game equipment of the new system. "