This one is similar to Rocket League Prices but is much

  • The Wilderness is a giant part of the RuneScape world where anyone can attack anyone. There are also certain monsters and quests in the Wilderness. That means that, to truly advance in the game, everyone has to brave the Wilderness at some point. It also means that experienced players have the perfect excuse to lure unsuspecting newbies into the PvP zone. "Hey let's go to the Wilderness and train on this monster, it'll help you level faster!" Before they know it, the new player is following their more powerful "friend" into a trap.

    Fortunately, players who meet their end in the Wilderness still get to keep their three most valuable items. Unless they have a skull above their heads. Players who attack another player without provocation earn a skull. Those who die with a skull drop everything, even their most valuable items. There are ways to trick a new player into giving themselves a skull, linked here, allowing one to off them and take everything they own.

    This one is similar to Rocket League Prices but is much simpler to pull off. The armor trimming trick usually requires the scammer to wear an expensive set of armor, a sort of "example" of their work. That might not be viable right away. The scam "Doubling Money" only requires some extra gold, making it a scam that almost anyone can do.It starts off like many other scams, with the scammer standing in a public place and shouting "Doubling money!" When approached by a potential victim, the scammer offers to do a "test run" with a small amount. Give me 10k coins, and I'll give you back 20k. The scammer doubles the money and returns it as promised, and the victim is hopefully swayed by their sudden profit. Then, the scammer offers to double a much larger amount now that they've proved their legitimacy. That's the ruse. Once the victim hands over a large sum of money, the scammer disappears.