Rocket League Prices system is live now and it brings

  • Fans can still party up cross-platform in a private match right now, though. So while you can matchmake together just yet, at least you can enter private lobbies and dish it out amongst yourself. All you have to do is make sure that cross-platform play is enabled in the gameplay tab in the options menu.

    While the game is far from dying, there were playlists that looked rather hopeless. Particularly the extra modes such as Snow Day were looking deserted compared to popular modes such as 2v2 and 3v3. It no guarantee this will revitalize those less popular game modes, but extra players certainly won hurt!

    The only question remains whether item trading will also be made available cross-platform. While Psyonix initially said that trading wouldn be part of Rocket ID, perhaps their minds can be swayed. After all, the fans?requests for cross-platform changed Sony mind, didn it?

    Rocket League Prices system is live now and it brings up a new possibilities for players to gather some rare and super rare items by trading in around 5 Uncommon items.

    Also you can trade 5 rare items and get a super rare one in exchange. The Trading system in the game was introduced first in Patch 1.19 that brought Neo Tokyo arena, ranked season and a bunch of new cars.

    Having a Trade-In system will let players to exchange their duplicate Uncommon and Rare items that they picked only from online drops with some new stuff for customization. Below you can see the list of import items that are available in the Trade-in expansion along with a second list of Exotic items if you are willing to give up the items from first list.