With Rocket League Prices impressive both of the skin designs l

  • Revealed on Monday, the two new skins are ones that have been a long time coming for different reasons. It been ages since Yorick received a skin despite theories that he receive one with his Visual and Gameplay Update, but the time is finally here for Yorick to get a new look. Beekeeper Singed, on the other hand, has been a fan request for several seasons now, one that coming to fruition.

    With Rocket League Prices impressive both of the skin designs look, players will definitely have to fork over a bit more for the two skins. You won be paying quite as much as you would for an Elementalist Lux, but the 1350 RP price tag seems pretty fair for how much the skins change the champions?base looks and sounds.

    Riot KateyKhaos recently created a bugs and feedback thread on the PBE boards for both of the skins that confirmed the prices and their specific changes. Both skins will come with new models and textures, particles, sound effects, and recall animations to www.lolga.com completely revamp the champions?looks.

    Yorick got a flashy golden look now with sharp new sounds to accompany his shovel smacks and abilities. His trusty Maiden of the Mist and the Mist Walkers also have their looks changed to reflect his golden theme, a preview of which can be seen below.