"Aion" Treats Classic As A Newborn

  • As early as the beginning of 2020, Tencent WeGame opened a related poll called "The classic terminal game you most want to log in to WeGame" on the official Weibo and other channels. In the end, based on various voting sources, "Adventure Island", "Guild Wars 2", "Aion" and "Legend of Blood" won the top four, among which three are from Shengqu games.

    Although data shows that the share of China's mobile game market has been declining year after year, the mobile game of Shengqu Games has maintained a good operating rhythm and user reputation, and even some of the mobile game agents have become the "dad" of copyright owners. In addition to the unabated charm of these classic IPs, we can't deny the long-term operation and control ability of Shengqu Games for terminal game products.

    Take "Aion" as an example, the game has been updated with more than 40 versions in 12 years, and it is still "playable". Marketing and player interaction are also good, such as transforming Shanghai Jin Mao Tower into a real version of the Aion, the Longchuanxia real Aion construction plan, and the cross-industry "friendship" of Coca-Cola Zero, as a prelude to the "Hollywood blockbuster" "Entering the theater, the 8th anniversary of the Frozen Demon City, launches the variety show "Flying AION MAN"... There are many ways to play.

    On June 26, "Aion" held a summer carnival at the beach swimming pool of Shanghai Sun Island Tourist Resort. The content covered beach treasure hunts, pool parties, big coffee performances, interactive games and so on. This is the first time "Aion" has had close contact with players offline since the outbreak of the epidemic. Of course, it also reflects the close relationship between the project team and the player.

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