New World: Five-Player Dungeon Appears in the Game Trailer

  • Amazon released an updated trailer for New World for the first time, and this is its first entry into a massively multiplayer RPG game. The video mainly provides a broad overview of the game's setup, but includes elements from Amrine Excavation, which is an expedition-an instance dungeon-a mystery that up to five players can solve.

    MMO is set in a fantasy realm called Aeternum. Players begin to encounter shipwrecks on the island, are forced to fight and strive to make progress. Although ostensibly similar to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft, some of the unique selling points of New World include non-professional character development and army-scale PvE and PvP fighter clubs. The expedition requires 3 to 5 players and involves cooperative puzzle solving and combat, including encounters with bosses. Amazon promises to make every expedition unique, where you can Buy Cheap New World Gold, not just increase difficulty and loot.

    The trailer took the audience to visit many places and activities in Aeternum, including everything from hunting, fishing and logging to magic, combat and underground exploration. The Amrine excavation is the last example. The mission party searches for the lost team of archaeologist Simon Gray. Players must be at least level 25 to participate, but Amazon describes it as an "expeditionary introductory experience"-a previously announced mission, Genesis Garden, will require everyone to reach level 60. The expedition involves clearing the garden where the blight angry earth was born.

    Facts have proved that New World is quite controversial because it uses themes and images of the American colonial period. This includes not only the concept of settlers using hostile forces to conquer the vast wilderness, but also similar weapons and clothing styles, and even helmets worn by Spanish conquerors. Amazon has been cautiously rendering the fantasy aspect-however, it is just the premise and name of the game, sometimes criticized as a reminder that millions of indigenous people were killed or enslaved under the rule of powers such as Spain, France, Portugal, and England. Amazon A website like Polygon has been told that it never intended to provide such a link.

    At the same time, the trailer confirmed that Amazon will still set the release date on August 31. The Alpha test is underway, and the internal test will start on July 20th-gamers who wish to enter the latter can register through New World website, but a spot can only be guaranteed when booking. Nevertheless, the Beta account will be cleared at the end of the test period on August 2nd. If you lack New World Accounts, z2u site will be your best choice.