Rocket League Free-To-Play Update Now Live

  • "The esports crowd would not like to pay for anything," esports advisor Rod 'Slasher' Breslau disclosed to Esports Insider Rocket League Trading. "MLG's endeavor at a compensation for each view model during the StarCraft II days was in reality entirely imaginative at that point, attempting to get individuals to pay legitimately for the competition themselves so it could bring in cash."

    "From that point forward, the esports crowd has been so unfriendly – even threatening – towards paying for anything," Slasher proceeded. "For fans to consistently sustain that everything is free and that it very well may be done thusly everlastingly is ludicrous;Rocket League Items will in the end need to pay legitimately to have the option to watch occasions in some design, regardless of whether it's a compensation for each view model or paying for a pass that gives full access."