In the Escape from Tarkov Kind of Sabotage journey

  • In the Escape From Tarkov Items Kind of Sabotage journey, you are given a decision: Should I give organizer 0052 to Skier or Therapist? A decision in any game is consistently hard to make without knowing the results of either choice. Peruse on to discover who to give organizer 0052 to in Escape from Tarkov. Find whether you should give the records to Skier or Therapist during the Kind of Sabotage journey beneath.

    You should give envelope 0052 to Skier in the Escape from Tarkov Kind of Sabotage mission. Doing so will give you the best rewards and the best of two expected punishments Regardless of who you give the records to, you will get a punishment that assaults your notoriety with the other. Giving the Skier the organizer will give you a - 0.1 notoriety punishment with the Therapist while giving the envelope to the Therapist will hit you with a - 0.3 notoriety punishment with the Skier. - 0.3 notoriety is more hard to get back, without a doubt.