Is Polyester Flag Fabric Vegan-Friendly?


    What is polyester?
    The Polyester Flag Fabric is a popular synthetic fabric that’s usually derived from petroleum and most often used in clothes from fleeces and jumpers to dresses, trousers and even soft furnishings. It’s a durable and inexpensive material to use which is why it’s the most commonly used fibre in the world.

    rainbow polyester fabric

    Textiles can be made that are pure polyester, but often blends are formed with organic materials like cotton which are made into clothes or upholstery.

    Is all polyester synthetic?
    Some polyesters are naturally occurring and can be found in cutin, which is a component of plant cuticles.

    Is polyester vegan?
    Yes, polyester is generally vegan on its own, however when it’s used in garments that also contain animal-derived products like leather, fur, wool or cashmere then the piece of clothing will no longer be vegan-friendly.

    dark polyester

    Is polyester environmentally friendly?
    Whilst some polyester is biodegradable, the vast majority is not and, along with its inherent links to the fast fashion industry, it is a range of materials that is heavily polluting. It’s currently complicated to recycle polyester garments as they contain plastic and when they are heated to be recycled the plastic degrades, meaning it can’t be reused indefinitely.

    Even though it does generally require less energy and water to produce synthetic materials than some natural fibres, they stick around on the planet for much longer.

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