Application Of Imitation Leather Notebook


    In the current market, a variety of imitation leather notebooks are present in front of people's eyes, and the manufacturing technology of each notebook is very good, which brings great difficulties to consumers in choosing. So, what about the imitation leather notebook?

    The range of products suitable for leather notebooks is very wide. From students to office workers, office supplies from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises, leather notebooks are indispensable, and this product has also produced Dependence. Which brand of imitation leather notebook is better has become a matter of concern to buyers, and the selection of affordable products has become a matter that every buyer must consider.

     Imitation leather: Imitation leather is synthetic leather. Artificial leather is coated with a layer of organic material on the base of the cloth. It is divided into thin (imitation sheep leather) and thick (coated with foamed organic material, and then pressed with patterns).
    Synthetic leather is made by pressing organic fibers and adding decorative laminate flowers. Reclaimed leather is to grind the leather residue and leather fiber, and bond it with a high-pressure adhesive to form a sheet, and then slice it to the required thickness through the leather machine, and then finish it to make it have certain leather characteristics.


    A leather-like notebook is simply a notebook with a leather-like appearance. Such a notebook is more common in business meetings. At the same time, such a notebook is also more upscale. A leather-like notebook is also more suitable for various occasions. In this regard, people record various related matters and write, which brings a lot of convenience to everyone's life.

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